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Cat & Calmell

acoustics exclusive 7" + signed art card + life of mine digital

This set includes the limited edition store exclusive 7" in clear outer sleeve + signed art card + 'life of mine' digital ep.

"This EP is so special to us because it's been such a long time coming. it encapsulates a time in our lives that was full of a lot of excitement but also a lot of uncertainty, it's such a time stamp of our slightly younger and slightly more reckless days. a lot of the songs on this EP were written nearly 2 years ago and it's so nice to see where we were and where we came from both in terms of our music and our head space back then, so please enjoy our first ever little baby, Life of Mine."

track list
1. dramatic

2. therapist

3. jorge

4. intentions

5. wait around

6. get old

7. dumbshit

8. life of mine

7" track list
side a
dumbshit (acoustic)
side b
dramatic (acoustic)

Limited to 2 per order.

Digital eps are only available to customers in Australia & delivered as mp3 44.1khz/24-bit audio files on the release date.

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